Water Patrol – Bionic Commando

Posted on April 11, 2015


Daniel is hitting it out of the park over here at Deviant Art.

The water had been still for hours and the LOC sent the all clear. They knew he was out there and probably laying low.
“Lager to Low Orbit Command, everything looks good down here. We are suiting up and heading out.” He tapped the headpiece and nodded back to the next Commando in line.
“You sure about that Log? You’re still looking shaky to me man.” Booster was sincere in his remark. Normally any chance to give Lager some crap about his setup was a no brainer. But today he had a bad feeling about his buddies state of mind.
Lager smirked unseen behind his face shield and HUD. “I got this. And once I get out there and I’m 5 by 5, we find this Spike and we put him down.”
Booster sighed as he raised an eyebrow and nodded. “Alright man, But you better stay up so we can read you out there. Ill amp you up a bit from here, but don’t get out of range without letting me know.”
Lager nodded and tapped his beacon once more before dropping out of the ship with the others limply behind him. The city was eerily still for what had just happened. A level 7 Spike just went off the grid 200 miles away. When they finally picked up his trail it was too late. 3 towns decimated and at least 80 dead. A Momentum Swapper is what the report read. Able to take the momentum from one object and swap it with another. Normally from something small like a rock or pebble to a wallet or purse. It usually makes it easy to steal things here and there. Still enough to be bagged, tagged and sent to a Cooling facility. But at a level 7 rating, a spike well off the charts, he could control it to a degree that was catastrophic. Swapping a speeding cars movement with a building wall was just a more deadly example. Unfortunately, there were enough cars and gas tanks here for him to have a huge supply of ammo. He had put his skill to good use tearing a path of death from the front door of the facility he escaped from.
He hit the ground and checked his scanners. Nothing showed up and he was ready to start. Just hours earlier his crew had a run in with the Spike. He never saw him and before they could get a good look he launched a row of mobile homes at the transport. Taking out two of Lagers scouts. Luckily he only had two up at the time but the pain still put him out for a while. The transport went down and he was doing well to survive the landing. This time he wanted to scan the area before he put any scouts on line. They would do a Full Hand formation, five spread out, and be in constant contact. The plan was to find him and get several eyes on him so a more armed team could be called him to deal with him. Lager was perfect for the job. The more scouts he could get up the better chance they had. And LOC also knew that his guys were expendable. They couldn’t pass up the intel they could get and the sheer numbers Lager could create.
Lager was a Battalion Generator. A combination of his natural abilities and truckloads of military stimulants, training software and nanites made him a one man army. With focus and training, he could animate and stay in contact with very simple soldier clones. Blanks. Mainly capable of scouting and very limited combat. At his minimum he could create between 2 and 5. But when the job called for it, he could get up to twenty at once. All moving and looking independently but still connected. A platoon of networked soldiers that worked as one. Even though he wanted a full group of 20, today his one target meant he needed finer control. So 5 was all that was needed.
They fanned out and as he linked with them his world expanded. He could hear and see and sense all they could. Different angles, different elevations, all information he could use and comprehend. Soon he would be able to watch and see the whole city from several points of view. The Spike wouldn’t be able to hide from him for very long. But as luck would have it, the Spike decided that hiding wasn’t his thing today. Today, he would see how two soldiers sounded when they slammed into each other at that speed of a bullet. All ten eyes never saw it coming.

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